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Display of the Challenging Option Anzeige des Orakels für alle die Heute eine Herausforderung sind.


Here you can figure out the challenging partner for your Kin. After selecting this option the Kin for these challenging partners is displayed.


  • By pressing the Down key you’ll get the oracle for the challenging partner displayed. A date display is not possible in this connection. People, who have the birth imprint that is then displayed, are challenging for all people at the current day.
    For this option you should have set the “oracle of the day”. But if you would like to figure out the challenging partner for the birth imprint of a single person, you should set the “oracle of character”. People with this challenging energy accompany you a lifetime.
    When you set the “classic oracle”, only the classic oracle for the challenging Kin is displayed.
    How you can set these versions is explained here.

In the picture on the right you see the oracle of challenging people for a certain day.

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